Monthly Archives: June 2015

Mike Wilner on Bull Durham

You may have noticed that this week’s guest has the same last name as your genial host Norm Wilner. This is because Toronto Blue Jays broadcaster Mike Wilner is, in fact, Norm’s younger brother. But he totally qualifies to be on the show, because he has a film credit, and he’s more than qualified to discuss Ron Shelton’s 1988 romantic comedy Bull Durham. Which is, yes, a baseball movie. Trust us, it’ll all come together.

Marilla Wex on Kingsman: The Secret Service

Actor, playwright and official British person Marilla Wex is exactly the right person to tackle Matthew Vaughn’s ultraviolent Bond riif Kingsman: The Secret Service. And really, who better to sing the praises of Sweary Colin Firth, Evil Samuel L. Jackson and Steadfast Mark Strong? Your genial host Norm Wilner is only too happy to give her a platform.

Sarah Goodman on Meek’s Cutoff

You were promised a second episode this week, so here it is! Sarah Goodman, writer-director of the brand-new Toronto indie Porch Stories, brings Kelly Reichardt’s 2010 frontier drama Meek’s Cutoff into the basement to unpack its ambiguities, allegories and alienation while your genial host Norm Wilner talks about knitting.

Enjoy it! And if you’re in Toronto on Sunday, June 21, maybe catch the 6:45 pm screening of Porch Stories at the TIFF Bell Lightbox? Just a suggestion.

Ari Millen on The Believer

As the third season of Orphan Black winds up this Saturday, actor Ari Millen arrives to discuss Henry Bean’s 2001 psychodrama The Believer – and his fascination with Ryan Gosling’s breakout performance. Your genial host Norm Wilner wonders whether any parts of Gosling’s character were incorporated into the Castor boys.

This is one of two full-length episodes arriving this week: Check back Thursday (June 18th) for the second! You’ve been good, you might as well be rewarded.

John Maclean on Chinatown

With his first feature Slow West coming to theatres and premium VOD this week, writer-director John Maclean brings Roman Polanski’s 1974 masterwork Chinatown into the basement, the better to explore its murky, ugly depths. Your genial host Norm Wilner is happy to be his diving buddy.

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead on Almost Famous

As their excellent horror romance Spring arrives on disc and VOD, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead arrive in the basement to talk about Cameron Crowe’s Oscar-winning 2000 cinematic memoir Almost Famous. Your genial host Norm Wilner does his best not to seem uncool.