Monthly Archives: September 2019

Lynn Coady on Wait Until Dark

Her new novel Watching You Without Me is released today, so Giller Prize-winning author Lynn Coady — who’s also worked as a writer and producer on Orphan Black, Burden of Truth and Diggstown — is here to talk about the very specific pleasures of Wait Until Dark, the 1967 thriller that pits Audrey Hepburn against Alan Arkin in a battle of wits, and also acting styles. Your genial host Norm Wilner always makes sure his freezer is defrosted.

The Big Story: Norm Talks TIFF

ICYMI: Earlier this week, your genial host Norm Wilner appeared on The Big Story to take Jordan Heath-Rawlings through the themes of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival … and, inevitably, talk about that new Joker movie. Listen and enjoy, and subscribe to The Big Story and other Frequency shows wherever you get your podcasts!

Rama Rau on Fish Tank

With her first dramatic feature Honey Bee opening in Toronto this Friday before rolling out across Canada in the next few weeks, director Rama Rau dives into Fish Tank, Andrea Arnold’s 2009 drama starring Katie Jarvis as a rebellious English teenager looking to escape her suffocating life in Essex. Your genial host Norm Wilner was too wrung out from TIFF to do any of the dance stuff.

Kire Paputts on Sicilian Vampire

With his second feature The Last Porno Show making its world premiere tonight at TIFF, writer-director Kire Paputts wants to talk about Sicilian Vampire, the 2015 genre mash-up from Toronto auteur Frank D’Angelo, with whom he’s worked on a few pictures — and who plays a small but crucial role in Kire’s latest. Your genial host Norm Wilner did not see this coming, that’s for sure.

Aaron Poole on Heat

It’s TIFF time, so we brought in actor and filmmaker Aaron Poole — who’ll be at the festival this week for the world premieres of Clifton Hill on Thursday and his own short film Oracle on Sunday — to do what he does best: talk about Michael Mann’s 1995 epic cops-and-robbers drama Heat. Your genial host Norm Wilner is here to keep him sharp, on the edge, where he’s gotta be.