Monthly Archives: July 2020

John Rhys-Davies on Tolkien

It’s another Friday bonus episode! Beloved actor and gleeful raconteur John Rhys-Davies joins us to discuss Dome Karukoski’s literary origin story Tolkien, which stars Nicholas Hoult as the young J.R.R. and Lily Collins as his lifelong love Edith. Your genial host Norm Wilner apologizes for the lack of Elvish ballads.

Ben Blacker on Gremlins

Brace yourself for the mega madness, because writer, producer and podcaster Ben Blacker (Supernatural, The Thrilling Adventure HourThe Writers PanelDead Pilots Society) is here for a super-sized episode on Gremlins, Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante’s unclassifiable, relentlessly weird creature-feature Christmas movie. Your genial host Norm Wilner has his blender at the ready.

Kacey Rohl on All That Jazz

With her new movie White Lie arriving on digital and on demand today, actor Kacey Rohl (HannibalArrow, The Magicians) is here to discuss Bob Fosse’s autobiographical 1979 dazzler All That Jazz. Your genial host Norm Wilner did the whole “Showtime, folks!” thing before the podcast.

Athina Rachel Tsangari on Atlantics

One of the key figures of the New Greek Cinema and now working on the charming new British series TrigonometryAthina Rachel Tsangari (Attenberg, Chevalier) is here to share her love for Mati Diop’s first feature Atlantics, the haunting love story that beguiled festival audiences around the world. Your genial host Norm Wilner is eager to find out what it has to do with the Netflix crime show Ozark.

Sean Cisterna on Life Is Beautiful

With his new drama From the Vine arriving on digital and on demand this Friday, July 10th, filmmaker Sean Cisterna is here to discuss his love for Life Is Beautiful, the Oscar-winning Holocaust fable that made a household name of its director-star Roberto Benigni … and makes your genial host Norm Wilner break out in hives.

Peter Sarsgaard on Nights of Cabiria

Time for another Friday bonus episode, as actor and producer Peter Sarsgaard — currently on your screens in Agnieszka Holland’s Mr. Jones and the Netflix anthology series Homemade — discusses his lifelong fascination with Giulietta Masina’s performance in Federico Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria. Your genial host Norm Wilner is honored to lead the parade.